Tuesday, December 19, 2006

That's Just Weird

Oh, God. The next morning (see post below) I was walking to the train station, eating pistachios, when suddenly I felt a tremendous pain shoot up from my jaw to my left ear. There was a sharp ache in my ear when I swallowed. After I realized the pistachios were not helping, I reluctantly stopped chewing and gingerly swallowed, fearing that the ear infection I had last year had come back.

It still hurt when I got to the office so I made an appointment with an ENT. Eventually, though, it didn’t feel quite so bad and I figured if I stayed away from the pistachios I should be OK. And then it occurred to me that the problem was not my ear, it was my jaw. I think I did something to it (dislocation? Is that possible?) during my deep throat extravaganza with Daniel. Ow. And: pervy!

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