Tuesday, February 03, 2009

I Dismiss The Cosmo Kama Sutra

Sunday night doesn’t feel like a night for assignations. So I felt weirdly sneaky as I waited for Aaron in his lobby. After several minutes the elevator door opened and there he stood, wrapped in a white terry cloth bathrobe. “Sorry,” he said. “I was in the shower.” We kissed hello.

I mean, he could have just buzzed me up.

At his floor, we walked down the hallway, and luckily no neighbors saw a guy in a bathrobe ambling around. Then, in his apartment, we sat at his kitchen table, which was located (conveniently) next to his bed. “Do you want to go out?” he asked. Our previous meetings had all involved me eating a meal or three.

But I’d already had dinner: “I was thinking we could fool around.”

“Oh, OK.” Aaron’s smile lit up his face. “You had me there.” He leaned in to kiss me and we shuffled back onto his bed.

He went down on me almost immediately, sort of dove in, and frankly it’s great to be with a guy who so enamored of the … hmmm…. scent/flavor that I am sure I must emit. I lay back on his soft mattress, my eyes half closed.

But I had other things on my mind, and after a bit I indicated he should get on his back. “It’s my turn now,” I explained.

I went down on him, nuzzling his balls and lightly sucking the loose skin there. I rested my head against his thigh, fresh from the shower and smelling of soap. His dick stood stiffly in my fist. I gave him in what I hoped was a wanton, alluring gaze.

“I’d really like you inside me,” I hinted not very subtly.

“Well… sometimes…it’s not the desire…” and after some hemming and hawing he said that sometimes he had trouble getting an erection.

“Oh, OK,” I said. That’s nothing unusual, I could deal with that. As I’ve said before, I don’t feel like it’s sex unless there’s penetration (how old school), and I really did want to fuck him.

I kept on sucking him until he was hard, which he was pretty quickly. I worried that he would be pipped at the post, so to speak, but the condom didn’t cause any problems. I dabbed a little lube across my pussy and he entered me.

I was on my back and he was kind of straddling me. For some reason, we were lying with our heads at the foot of the bed. His face went slack, like he’d just put down a heavy package. I liked that. Then he bent forward and started rocking against me.

After a bit we switched so I could get on top. I twisted and sank on to him with a sigh. I assumed my usual position: legs flexed against Aaron’s, arms on the mattress supporting my upper body. I like it when a guy holds my hips, doesn’t move much (it helps me control the pace), and talks dirty. Aaron didn’t talk dirty, but I came pretty quickly anyway.

While I was recovering, and we’d sorted ourselves out so that our heads were on the pillows, Aaron said, “I never did it that way. I’ve done reverse cowgirl, but you didn’t straddle me… where did you learn that?”

I dunno. It’s my default for orgasm. Dean and I made some efforts with the Cosmo Kama Sutra… With Dean I was keen to try everything out, even thought I knew that any number of the positions would be uncomfortable (why would I want to have sex while touching my toes?) or sexually unrewarding, but when I’m with someone new I want the security of a familiar position with a high chance of orgasm. And it occurred to me that I felt comfortable in this soft bed, next to this sweet-smelling boy ten years my junior, wrapped in his terry cloth robe and smiling sleepily. Sunday night seemed like a comfortable time for an assignation, all of a sudden.

“I dunno,” I said. “It’s just the position my body wants to be in.”

He looked at me with a new respect, like I was this woman of the world. I suppose that compared to him I was. I smiled, closed mouthed, and motioned him towards me.

“You want to fuck me?” I asked, like it was a casual question, like I didn’t care.

He leaned into me, and I breathed in his warm, sweet scent. “Yeah,” he said. I angled my hips towards him and then he swam back inside me, smiling all the while.

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