Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Half-Naked Thursday, and Kink For All

Like everyone, I had a fab, fab, fab time at Kink For All NYC on Sunday. Originally, I was hesitant to attend, since I am not really kinky. But I did go, and really enjoyed myself. Plus I ate delicious toffee-covered Saltines.

Kink for All was “unorganized” by SaraEileen and MayMay, and I went to presentations by them, Sascha, a Kinky Jew, Boymeat (who spoke very thoughtfully about leather stuff), Sinclair Sexsmith, Barbara Carrellas, Tilda (graphic genius--her slide show, and MayMay's nerdy gender tech talk were probably my favorites), and lots more. Plus I saw Calico, Viviane, Lolita, Axe, and several people I was too shy to approach. But my favorite moment was during Nickel Dakota's fetish filmmaking presentation when he explained, “I think, for the female armpit fetish films, I'm going to have to switch to HD.” Indeed. Then I pulled, but that, as they say, is another story.
Anyway, you may have noticed a few changes to my blog. Namely, you can now see me half-naked. It's all part of my subtle plan for Total Blog Domination Via Tasteful Nudes, and I hope you like them. The pictures are of me, and were taken by My Friend Jake (not to be confused with Jacob or Big Jake). Thanks, Jake!


waveman said...

Yes, baby, oh yes! After all these months of reading and wondering, ooooh lala, the dangerous one in the flesh. Many mahalos.

maymay said...

I'm glad you had such a great time, and extremely happy that you came "even though" you're not kinky. :) It's that kind of diversity that made KFANYC as good as it was.

As an aside, it'd be great if you can add the label/tag "KFANYC" to this post in addition to the "Kink for all" tag that you're already using so that it's aggregated along with the other posts specifically about the first New York City event. :)

Here's hoping to see you again next time!

Anonymous said...

Very nice! You look gorgeous. And that's so funny about Nickel. I should've known he'd be there.


unspeakable axe said...

What a great photo!

Why can't my yoga class look like that!?

Sean said...

Wow, looking great! Glad to see you are blogging again!