Thursday, January 18, 2007

The Wages of Sin ... Ouch!

On the morning of Thursday the 21st I went to the ENT. I was worried about my ear. Last year I had a bad ear infection and I was afraid I’d contracted it again, especially after the pistachio episode, when chomping on a nut had led to a horrendous shooting pain from my jaw to my left ear.

The ENT looked at my ears: “They’re both clear,” he said. Then he felt my throat and said, “The muscle here is very tight. You’ve had some jaw trauma. Do you chew gum?”

“Yes?” I lied, thinking, Oh, my God, it was the deep throating! Jaw trauma, indeed!

“You have TMJ. Try applying a warm compress to your neck twice a day for a few weeks.” He took a tongue depressor and looked down my throat, and I was afraid he was going to nod and say, “Oh, I see: you’re a pervert.” Luckily, the doctor didn’t seem to find any evidence of my behavior. He gave me a prescription for some painkillers and told me not to chew gum for a while.

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