Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Be Mine

For me, Valentine's Day is generally a triumph of hope over experience. When I'm single (most of the time) I pay lip service to hating the idea of commercialized romance, but secretly I want a Valentine, preferably a cute one. When I'm in a relationship, the sense of relief that comes from having someone you know will buy you a corny card is overlaid with the uneasy feeling that everyone else is really much more romantic than your and your sweetheart.

Right now I think it's nice to have someone to buy a Valentine Day's card for, but otherwise I'm lukewarm. I don't know if this is a result of my maturation or just increasing cynicism. Either way, it suits me.

But despite all that, I do want to say Happy Valentine's Day, because this is my blog and what the hell. So Happy Valentine's Day to everyone, and especially to greenlacewing, of authentic experience, and waveman, both of whom leave such thoughtful and kind comments here.

And remember: tomorrow, as Billy Bragg tells us, "Valentine's Day is over. It's OVER..."


waveman said...

aw, that's way too kind of you. hope your valentines day was better than mine. no sucking or fucking, just TV re-runs and pizza.

Green said...

Wow! Tickled to be particularly wished a happy Valentine's Day. Same to you, though it's long-over now. I love being your reader.