Thursday, June 21, 2007

An Embarrassment of Riches

I walked down the corridor that had become familiar to me and opened the door: the living room was empty. I took off my shoes, hung up my coat, and followed the distant voices down the hall.

In Jefferson’s room, a crowd was watching the television screen. “Some of our guests have been making their own porno!” my host greeted me. I squinted. Sure enough, on screen, there was Adam, naked. And there was Emma, on a bed. Lying next to her was Gina, her long hair loose.

I turned and looked at Adam, who was examining his video with an artist’s satisfaction. I smiled at him. “Wow,” I said politely. “It’s got a soundtrack and everything.” It did: a real porn-movie soundtrack! I wondered if that came with iMovie or whatever.

“Emma did that,” said Adam proudly, gesturing at his fiancĂ©e, who smiled at me absently. “That’s love: having your girlfriend create the soundtrack to your homemade porno.”


Standing next to me in the bedroom were Jessica and Sean, I noticed. I smiled at them.

I’d met them a few weeks previously, when they’d come to meet Jefferson to see if they wanted to attend his orgies. I’d spent the night with Jefferson, and hadn’t managed to get out of his apartment before they turned up.

I’d liked them both and, in my capacity as orgy veteran, could encourage them to come in the warmest terms. I was pleased to see them both here, and said hello.

Oh, OK: I had my eye on Sean. He was really cute.

But there wasn’t much going on in the bedroom at the moment, so I went back into the living room. Soon most of the crowd had migrated there, and I ended up perched on Jefferson’s lap.

Jacob wandered by, looking cute as ever with his shaggy hair. A bemused smile played on his little boy’s face. “Hey!” I said, smiling up at him.

He peered at me: “Hi, I’m Jacob.”

I gazed up at him in disbelief: “I know that. Jacob, you’ve been emailing me.”

True: Jefferson had been singing Jacob’s praises for some time now, and we’d exchanged a few emails with the goal of getting together. It appeared that my witty emails hadn’t made much of an impression, though.

Jefferson chuckled.

“Sorry,” said Jacob. “I’m kind of drunk,” he added.

Just then a woman in a pink bustier and matching underwear clapped for attention: “Who wants to get tied up?” she demanded.

“Oh, look!” Jefferson interjected. “Mmmark’s here – now people will start having sex.” Jefferson makes this announcement at every single orgy. I guess he’s right, though: soon after Mmmark’s arrival people did start to drift off towards the bedrooms.

But I ended up on the couch with Jacob, who claimed he remembered me very well, after all. He put his arm around my shoulder and I stroked his arm. I recognized this as a prelude to fooling around and was pleased, but also distracted: Jed had just arrived!

I waved at him and he smiled back at me, looking, as usual, tousled and pretty fucking hot in his jeans and white button down shirt.

Someone suggested we retire to the next room, where apparently the pink bustier-ed woman had found a volunteer. One of the guests – possibly the blond in the pink bustier herself – had rigged up a whole system of ropes and pulleys on Jefferson’s bed. Very impressive, given that Jefferson doesn’t even have a headboard.

Jefferson’s bedroom was well lit for once and most of the guests were leaning against the dressers watching as the woman in a pink bustier and matching underwear applied multiple clothespins to Gina’s pussy.

Ouch! I flinched in sympathetic agony. Gina lay there placidly, breathing carefully. Jacob looked intrigued but I was not turned on, so we went back into the living room.

Jacob wandered over to the balcony to have a cigarette, and I started talking to
Brooklyn Rake, who is so nice and friendly. It is very relaxing to be around someone who appears to be enjoying himself as much as he was. Brooklyn Rake revealed that he had not posted in several weeks, and wondered how I maintained the impetus to keep writing.

“Well,” I said, “I think I’m kind of afraid that if I stop writing, I’ll stop having sex.” I had only just realized that, but I think it’s true! I’m afraid that if I don’t put the words down, all my adventures will stop. Of course, the truth of the matter is, if I don’t write down (or at least take notes) very soon after the event, then I won’t remember what happened and thus won’t be able to post about it, which is not really the same thing.

“Also, I have some really responsive and nice readers,” (Hi, Waveman!) “And that makes me want to post, too.”

In the midst of this literary discussion Jed came up behind me and put his hands on my shoulder. He is much taller than me, I only came up to his chest. Jed ran his hands along my arms, and I leaned against him. Ah, that was nice.

I turned around to face him and our eyes met. “Hey,” I said stupidly. He just knocks me out. I could have stared at him all night. He was wearing a cloth cap, like London newsboys in the historical dramas you sometimes come across on TV.

He grinned: “Hey.”

Soon enough Jed and I were back on the sofa I had recently vacated. We settled down next to each other but then Jed pushed me back against the cushions and sat himself on the coffee table: “I just have the urge to get really rough with you,” he mused in a low voice.

I felt a rush all through me and I thought I might collapse. “You knew that would turn me on,” I whispered hoarsely. “Didn’t you?”

We kissed for a minute. Then he leaned forward: “Suck me off,” he said. He unfolded his long legs and, stooping above me, undid his ornate silver belt. He took his newsboy’s cap off and tucked it on top of my head, and I obediently leaned forward. “Look at this,” he said to Sean and Jessica, sitting next to us on the sofa.

I looked up at Jed: “They’re busy,” I said, turning to look at our neighbors, who weren’t paying attention. “Maybe we shouldn’t disturb them.”

Jed waved away my concerns as I leaned forward again to wrap my mouth around his dick. “Isn’t she cute?” he asked. The others on the couch looked up politely. “And look how she can take all that cock,” he noted proudly as I obediently swallowed him.

There was an appreciative silence while I sucked his dick, punctuated only by Jed’s hips jerking towards me. Having him tell me what to do was such a turn on, I didn’t even think twice. I considered the strangeness of this as I tried to take him all the way down my throat.

Suddenly I stopped and wrested myself from Jed’s dick: “Gag reflex,” I explained to my seatmates as I coughed and wiped the tears from my eyes.


I had to go to the bathroom. When I came back, Jed had taken my place on the sofa and was making out with Jessica. Jessica’s boyfriend was stroking her bra and playing with her tits. I sat on the coffee table, and watched them. Jessica leaned her head against the wall as Jed and Sean slid their hands and mouths across her skin.

Thomas was sitting next to me. We looked at one another. “Hey,” I said.

We hadn’t spoken before, really, except to say hello. His top was off. Thomas is not tall, with a compact body and a clever, curious expression. Without thinking, I leaned forward and we kissed.

But I wanted more action with Jed, and soon I was back on the couch with Jed’s body close up against mine. “Listen,” I said, glancing at my watch. “I’m going to have to go soon.” I was staying at Marc’s and had told him I’d be there by 11:30.

“Do you want to--?”

“Yeah! That’s what I’m saying!” I said, not at all clearly, I expect. “Now’s the time to make your move!”

Grinning at one another, we traipsed down the hall to Jefferson’s bedroom, which was surprisingly empty. Cautiously I felt the mattress: it was not noticeably damp, thank goodness. I climbed onto the bed, and Jed joined me.

But we weren’t along for long: after a minute some other people, who I couldn’t quite distinguish, joined us. I shifted into the center of the bed. Jed straddled me, his arms caging me.

Somewhere nearby, a woman moaned. I reached up and tugged his face closer to me, dragging my fingers through his matted curls. He kissed me with those juicy, overripe lips.

The only time I’d fucked in front of anyone was when Jefferson watched me and Daniel have sex, months ago now. But without much discussion Jed slid inside me. I looked up at him: “You know just saying you wanted to get rough with me would turn me on, right?” My voice was hoarse. It was somehow very important for me to explain this to him.

“I don’t know that I want you to get rough,” I continued in a whisper as Jed cracked his palm against my collarbone. When Jefferson had held his hand against my neck it had hurt, but Jed’s hand felt exciting and soothing at the same time. “It’s just hearing you say it…” my voice trailed off into a gasp as I tried to get closer, deeper, more of him. I rolled on top and rode him, his sweaty limbs sticking us together. I was so wet that he kept slipping out, though, and soon he got back on top.

“You want me to come?” Jed whispered.

“Uh huh!”

“You didn’t come, did you?”

I shook my head as he pounded me with a steady thud. “Next time,” I gasped. “I’m not used to having sex with other people in the room.” I looked around at the shadows I couldn’t quite decipher.

Jed nodded, and then he came, and we lay sunk in Jefferson’s mattress while people moved all around us.


Wendy said...

Heeey, I remember that night. That hat he has is adorable.
Will was fucking me over the edge of the bed while you and Jed were on it. I think I was grabbing your ankle. (it had to have been yours. It was a very sexy ankle.)

Anonymous said...

I like reading you so much. I've often wondered how the dynamics at these orgies play out, and how people interact, but you make it seem so organic, so natural and sexy.

It's really hot.

waveman said...

I find it slightly intoxicating that words have as much power over your arousal and climax as the touch of human skin. Very hot.

Anonymous said...

Adam speaks!

I confess what you saw as artistic satisfaction was in part that, but just as much terror- showing the video was not my idea, and it was fun, but quite odd and very intimidating to watch it in that environment.

Though the soundtrack part definitely made me smile. It's an Imovie trick to add it to the video, but sadly they don't have a "70's porn" track- the music, Emily-Emma came up with on her own.

Lily said...

Adam, I didn't realize you were terrified: in that case, it was brave as well as accomplished.

I can't imagine why iMovie doesn't offer a '70s porn track. What do they think people are doing with this product?