Saturday, June 09, 2007

In Which I am (Almost) Speechless

Sorry for the delay, Waveman!

“I saw a word that reminds me of you,” said Jed.

“What word?” I asked. Presumably it wasn’t koala.

“Ah… I’ll have to look it up.” Jed settled himself at my computer and searched through his email until he found it: callipygian.

“It means of or pertaining to having shapely buttocks,” Jed announced at last. He eyed my ass approvingly. I blushed.

That last part is an exaggeration: I didn’t blush. My skin isn’t built for it. This is a shame, because I love blushing, that bloom of heat. It is authentically demure, yet hot. But I blushed internally. Jed does that to me.

It’s funny because Jed is 23 years old and a bit full of himself. I like him, but don’t have a crush on him. But I was right about him: sexually, he does it for me.

Jed took off the newsboy’s cap he was wearing and unbuckled his belt, kneeling on the bed. His long body towered over my short one, and I leaned towards his denim-clad legs and went right for his dick.

He took off his jeans and boxers and I took as much of him in my mouth as I could, deep throating him, gagging – at one point I thought I was going to throw up the wine we’d drank—but forcing my mouth as far as I could down the shaft of his lovely dick. “Ah,” he moaned, “Ah, ah….”

Speaking of callipygian, Jed has a beautiful ass. God, he’s gorgeous. He pushed me down onto my mattress and my arms wound around him, resting on his callipygianous bod.

“You like it rough, don’t you?” he murmured.

I nodded. Something comes over me with Jed. I find myself turning into this different kind of slut, all doe-eyed and aching and shy. I pushed him to be rough, by gazing him out at him from under my lashes, by parting my lips, by daring him. It was like my face was begging, Don’t hurt me, I’m innocent and vulnerable. And meanwhile the rest of me was screaming, Don’t you want to hurt me? I’m all innocent and vulnerable. I didn’t know I had this in me, but I do. Jefferson doesn’t bring it out of me, Daniel didn’t, even Dominant Jordan didn’t make me want to obey, to take it, whatever it is. But Jed does.

Jed tugged the hair band I wear off my wrist and wrapped it around my hair. That bossiness turned me on. He turned me over on my back, and, crouching over my ass, lifted his palm: he was going to hit me.

I flinched in anticipation but he brought his palm down gently, just stroking me. I relaxed. He did it again, and I began to anticipate the sting of his hand against my skin. Finally he hit me, and I whimpered. Then he started all over again, his hand threatening me, only to come down with a caress and then slowly working his way up to a smack. And suddenly I noticed my hips were swiveling against his hand, and I was completely wet. This was a turn up for the books! I was so turned on.

Jed turned me over and I nodded. Jed put on a condom and then he slammed into me: “Ah!” I cried. He fucked me hard and quite fast, grunting in my ear as his cock plunged into me.

I never thought I could get this excited without words, but there we were, crunched together like, well, like animals, and I couldn’t get enough of him. His blond curls, his lanky body, his skin: “Yes, yes,” I muttered, arching my hips against his in a sort of desperation.

My face was against his hair. We weren’t looking at one another, but Jed pressed his palms to the side of my throat. The pressure felt good, I felt so totally compressed and fucked. After a few moments he whispered, “Do you want me to come?”

“No, let me come first.” I motioned for him to roll over so I could get on top, and he slid off me and lay there, waiting for me.

I sighed with relief as I slipped him back inside me and immediately starting rocking back and forth on his dick, desperate to come. “Can I play with your ass?” he asked.

“’Course you can.” And Jed slid a finger up my ass, working it up and down, just as I worked up and down on his cock. The pressure in my ass was intense and distracting. I still am not a great fan of ass play, I am sorry to say. The only time I really liked it is when Jeremy did it, and I heard these moans coming from my mouth. This time I felt like it was just getting in the way of my orgasm.

“You want me to fuck your ass?” Jed asked.

“Next time, OK?” I said breathlessly, squeezing his finger out of my ass; I wasn’t going to come with it there.


Oh, God: had I just agreed to let an eight inch cock up my ass?! Ow! But never mind that now, I had to come.

It was dark outside, and it felt like the room had shrunk to this little place between my face and his, where I was panting and sweating and there was this green space where I was about to come to.

I came with a sigh and shuddered to a halt, grinning at Jed and burying my face in his shoulder.

Once more he flipped me onto my back and plunged into me. “Come for me,” I mumbled as his cock raked through me and I stretched myself against him, longing to feel the his orgasm shake through him. “Come, Jed.”

It was sort of a blur when he came, but I remember the overheated, smug aftermath and my own disbelief: what does he do to me? I stared at Jed, his juicy red lips, his curls limp with sweat, his golden skin, and … just thinking about it I want him again.


waveman said...

Lily, you're timing is excellent. Like a simultaneous climax, a new south swell is on the rise, or so I learned when I finally caught my breath long enough to check the surf forecast.

The Provocateur said...


speechless is good. as herr nietzsche said, "words make common, what is uncommon..."