Monday, September 18, 2006

Back in the Saddle

On Saturday I posted an ad on Craig's List, and got about 70 or so responses. Which is always gratifying, until you respond with a photo and never hear from the guy again. I don't care how hard it is for men -- I've been dissed dozens of times. Dating is hard on the ego. Stupid hard, especially if you've got any outstanding self-esteem issues. Like me, and, I assume, almost everyone else in the world.

And I answered an ad or two. One was from a guy looking for someone "Jewy but agnostic," which I figure about sums me up. Also, that's fantastic terminology. He actually seems very nice and --gasp-- not bad looking. Then I, uh, answered an ad for someone who was looking for someone submissive. That's me (I think).

That's a new development for me. Back in April, when I was seeing (for the lack of a better term) Eddie, he said, "You're submissive, aren't you?" when we were fooling around.

"I guess so," I said, breathlessly. It had never occurred to me before.

We didn't get far with that scenario since Eddie disappeared (and still has my tape recorder, that jerk!) but I've been thinking about it a good deal. Do my sexual tendencies compromise my feminist principles? Gah. It's complicated, being a sex positive feminist. Especially if you're not having much sex. Must work on that.

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