Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Oh, and get this

I just want to rant a bit because ... well, because.

I go on lots of dates with men I meet online. I think it suggests something not too flattering about me, but nonetheless. I started online dating back in 2000 or so. Only very occasionally do I actually meet men at work or a party. Earlier this year it occurred to me that my social circle was no longer expanding. Like, it's reached this sort of critical point where I've already met everyone I'm going to meet. It was a weird feeling. Lots of my friends are in steady relationships, or married, or married with children.

Anyway. So! Let's see. I'm on the nerve personals --- fast cupid, you know? This one guy emailed me months ago. He sounded nice and not hideous looking, so we emailed back and forth. I am excellent via email -- witty, charming, etc. I'd date me. Anyway, there was a hiatus in our emails due to some technical difficulties with his computer (he said) and when he wrote to me again about a month later, I'd forgotten about him. Anyway, we went back to emailing. My protocol is I generally wait a day or two to respond, and I don't ramble or complain. (though obviously the opposite applies on this blog).

So a few weeks back he wrote to say that since I didn't sound psychotic, he'd give me his phone number and maybe we could arrange a time to meet. I thought the psychotic crack was a bit presumptive, especially as I take antidepressants ... I didn't say that, however. I wrote back to say that while meds had rendered me pretty normal (with a joking emoticon), I wouldn't call him because I really hate talking on the phone to guys I haven't met. I mean, the potential for awkwardness is so high. I hate those dread silences, when you're both desperately trying to think of things to say, and you can't even make eye contact and smile or order another drink. I really do avoid calling people I don't know, not just in romantic situations. Anyway, I added that I'd love to get together with him, but could we arrange it via email.

I never heard from him again.

Then I was also corresponding with a guy from Craig's List, which is like the heroin of the online community. Craig's List is for the hardcore. He asked me if I wanted to hear a band on Wed. night. I said, What time? I generally go to bed early, or something along those lines. Because, you know, I do go to bed early on weeknights, otherwise I have a hard time getting up in the morning. He wrote back to say about ten, and why, did I have a curfew? So I responded, saying that although I knew it was lame and nerdy, a 10pm show was too late for me. After all, I live in Queens. Say they actually start on time, and only play for a half hour. Still, if they're playing downtown, it'll probably take me the good part of an hour to get home. So I said I'd like to meet up for a drink, earlier, however.

I never heard from him again.

There was also this other guy, also courtesy of Craig's List. We emailed a bit, and then he just disappeared.

That's three men in one week who dissed me! Jesus, I'm like the bubonic plague

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