Tuesday, September 19, 2006

More from the Dating Front

So. I got a couple of emails from Dominant Guy, Anthony. He sent me a photo of himself (in swimming trunks, no less) –tall, thin, dark haired, balding a bit, as far as I could tell.

So in the last email he asked me what my nationality is. I always find that question weird. I mean, I’m an American. The question really means, what’s your ethnic background? And I always think, Why do you want to know that? But I just wrote back to say that I was an Ashkenazi Jew. Then I didn’t hear from him and I thought, Oh my God, he’s an anti-Semite! He doesn’t date Jews! He’s seen my photo! Then last night he called me, and as it turns out he is not an anti-Semite. In fact, he’s Jewish. Or, as he put it, “My mother’s Jewish. So I guess technically I’m Jewish. My father’s Italian.” Which I guessed, given his name. We’re going to meet for lunch. I kept thinking, lunch? Who meets for lunch? But what the hell.

We didn’t talk at all about submissiveness or anything in the least bit sexual, which was a relief to me. Conversations like that should only happen in person, and preferably when you’re both naked and comfortable. In fact, talking to Anthony, who has a slightly nasal voice and a somewhat – well, if he were from NY I’d say he had a New York accent, but as he’s from Philly it doesn’t apply – was just a normal conversation, except for the fact that I was talking to someone I’d never met, but had picked up on Craig’s List. Though I’m really psyched to explore (dumb term) my submissive side, I don’t think I want a boyfriend right now. I want to sleep around and be a little crazy, like I was this spring. On Thursday night I’m meeting Morgan, who is definitely looking for a NSA type thing, possibly ongoing. I told him I wasn’t monogamous (or rather, I’m planning to be a slut), and I hope that works out. I haven’t had sex since June. And you know, time’s a wasting. I’m in my sexual prime here, I’ve got to move fast before it ends.

And I got an email from Jewy but agnostic guy, who looks like actual boyfriend material. He’s also a writer, surprise, surprise.

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