Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Dirty and Clean

It was still early, and everyone was dressed. But when the phone rang our host wasn’t in the room. “Hey!” I called. “Your phone.”

“Incoming call,” trilled the automated voice: oh, that was my phone. I picked up. “Hello?”

“Hello, Lily? This is Jed Jones.” Gosh, his voice was really deep.

“Hey! How’re you?”

“I’m OK. Listen, are you going to Jefferson’s party tonight?”

I smiled at nothing in particular: “Jed,” I said, “I’m already here.”


But meanwhile I wanted to spend some time with Alex. He had brought his friend Amy, but she was in the midst of a conversation with a dreadlocked guy on the sofa, and they appeared to be getting cozy. Alex is so smart and easy to get along with – just nice to be around. He is shy, and I wanted him to have a good time, even though it wouldn’t be with me: it hadn’t been three weeks since we’d last fooled around, so, as per the rules of his open relationship with Katie, he was off limits tonight.

When Emma and Adam showed up I introduced Alex to them and we all stood around talking with Donny. As time wore on, Donny casually unbuttoned his shirt – a proactive kind of guy. He had a really impressive six pack, and he's super-cute, but not my type, sadly.

Meanwhile, on the sofa Amy and the dreadlocked guy were making out. I nudged Alex: “I guess that’s going well!” He nodded at me owlishly from behind his specs. Amy had told me she was an attorney, and did not appear to me at all like the type to be entwined with a stranger within 20 minutes of meeting him, but what do I know?

Cody turned up; I wanted Alex to meet her. They were both shy, sweet and good-looking, and I felt this kind of symmetry shouldn’t be ignored. However, they were in different conversational orbits, so instead I made Jefferson show me photos of his daughter Rachel’s wedding.

When Jed arrived I was chatting with Adam and Emma et al and as he leaned down to kiss me I gave him my most demure-but-sly smile. I would have gone with him into the back bedroom right then, frankly, but after a moment he drifted off to talk to Cody. I kept my eye on him, determined not to have a repeat of last month’s sex-free fiasco. Because I wanted to look nonchalant rather than desperate to get it on, it took me a while, but eventually I sidled up to Cody. She told me she had just been to meet Hanson at a record store and told me about her encounters with them (Zak is her favorite).

God, she is a sweetheart. Hanson.

Then Jed slipped behind me and put his arms around my shoulders. I tried to continue my conversation with Cody but I’m afraid I was totally distracted. Jed and I kissed and smirked at one another in a no doubt annoying manner before ambling down the hall to the back bedroom. I wanted the single bed – that’s about as much privacy you can get at Jefferson’s, unless you’re going to draw the curtain and fuck in the shower. But when we got there Amy and her new friend were sitting there, watching the foursome on the futon opposite.

The only person I could see (it was dark and, well, their faces weren’t really apparent) was Calico, the beautiful model. Her hair was in two schoolgirl’s braids and her pale body shone in the dark. It was a mash of people and as we watched, Amy walked over to the futon to get a closer look.

Jed and I settled onto the single bed next to the dreadlocked guy (I was hoping he’d take the hint and leave us the bed) while Amy edged her way towards Calico, who was facedown on top of someone or someones. Amy clambered onto the futon and bent her head down over Calico.

Calico’s head popped up: “Who’s there?”

Amy introduced herself.

“Oh, it’s OK,” Calico said, “You know, I just want to know who’s…”

I would personally have been kind of freaked out if someone put their mouth on my naked body without having let me know they were there, but Calico is apparently a laid back kind of person in that way.

I turned to Jed and we started to kiss, and at last the dreadlocked guy gave up the bed and we were free to stretch out.

We were slipping out of our clothes when others – I’m not sure who, but definitely Adam and Emma and maybe Carlotta, too, I think — tumbled into the room, laughing and chatting. Jed was lying on top of me, and I wanted him to cover me up completely: I felt really exposed. So I closed my eyes, like children do, the idea being, I can’t see you, so you can’t see me.

After some rather violent kissing Jed slid inside me and he was sweating ferociously and I tried to enjoy fucking him, but I was conscious of the others in the room, even though they were all otherwise occupied.

“Can I fuck your ass?”

“Uh huh.” Now I was a veteran! I knew that this was what Jed really liked.

This time, despite the application of much BabeLube, I was a bit tight, mostly ’cause I just couldn’t entirely relax, but again, it wasn’t painful. Of course, “it wasn’t painful” is not an overwhelmingly positive review. But I was too busy concentrating on not noticing the others, and couldn’t enjoy Jed’s grunts as he thrust at me with his long cock. Damn!

After he came I stroked his hair as he lay with his head on my chest, breathing heavily. I wanted to say, “Stay,” to hide me here beneath him until the room had cleared out. But I didn’t, because I didn’t want to have to ask him and I resented that I would have to ask him and anyway I knew he wouldn’t. He would want to be on Jefferson’s terrace, smoking cigarettes and flirting. When Jed excused himself I got dressed quickly, leaving the foursome on the futon and the group in the middle of the room, feeling worked up from all the fucking without orgasm.

I needed a break and when I went back to the living room I halted by the stereo: “Jefferson, are we listening to the Buzzcocks’s Singles Going Steady?”

“Why, yes we are!” Jefferson smiled.

Jacob, sitting on the sofa with some others, grinned at me. I had known that would get his attention. Though The Buzzcocks don’t really strike me as orgy music.

I slumped onto the couch next to Jacob and helped myself to a Double Stuf Oreo. “Hey!” I said. “How’s it going with that girl?”

“Ah,” he grimaced. “We’re just friends.”

This is an interesting story: at the last orgy Jacob told me he had just met a girl. They’d eyed one another at the supermarket near his apartment and then he’d nearly run into her on the street a few minutes later but for some reason had been unable to make contact. So he went home and posted an ad on Craig’s List’s Missed Connections! And, as he had told me, not 15 minutes later she had responded, and they had been on several dates and had not yet slept together and she was hotter than anyone here at the orgy now (I’m quoting).

But apparently it had come to naught, because, as Jacob explained, “I just don’t have the time to get involved with someone I’m not comfortable with.”

This struck me as sad – he’d been so enthusiastic. I expressed my sympathies and, after I’d eaten a suitable number of Oreos, got up to check out the action. “Don’t be a stranger,” Jacob urged.

I drifted back down the hall to Jefferson’s bedroom. The room was packed. And I was astonished and turned on to find Alex, in his underwear, wrapped around Mmmark in a hot clinch.

Ho boy. I swallowed. As usual, Mmmark seemed to be enjoying himself immensely. Alex’s face was hidden from view, but he, too, appeared pretty satisfied with this turn of events. Everyone else was likewise engaged. I slunk back against the wall for a minute, watching the couples writhe in the dark in happy abandon.

Part of me wanted to be in on the action, giggling and slurping and burying my mouth against someone’s skin. But I was also feeling just unwilling to be so exposed. Which is not the kind of attitude that serves one well at an orgy. OK. It’s time for me to go, I determined. I went to the bathroom and decided to make my goodbyes to Jefferson, and to Alex, whom I didn’t want to abandon. I found him in the back bedroom, sitting on Lillie’s bed. He was alone.

“Hey! You and Mmmark!” I said by way of greeting.

Alex nodded fervently.

“That was hot!”

Alex nodded fervently, again. I felt like I’d sent my protege out into the sex world for the first time, and he’d scored big. “Did you…?” What I wanted to know was had they done more than kissing? What had I missed?

Finally I abandoned all delicacy and, taking a seat next to him I whispered: “Did you go down on him?”

Once more, Alex gave me a nod. I high-fived him. “Well done! Doesn’t Mmmark have a nice dick?” Another nod from Alex while we both considered Mmmark’s anatomy. When I’d recovered I remembered my point: “Listen, I think I’m going to go.”

“OK.” Alex has the habit of looking as if he’s paying close attention when you talk to him, as if what you have to say is really important. I like that.

We hugged, and I sloped out of the room, only to run right into Jed. “Oh, hey. I’m about to take off.”

“What? You’re leaving?” I was gratified to see he appeared to be disappointed.

“Yeah, it’s late…”

“Oh,” He leaned down to me: “I was hoping you’d fuck me…”

Aha, the old ‘I was hoping you’d fuck me’ gambit! “Well, I… Oh, what the hell. Sure.”

So we tripped back into the back room, where we’d fucked earlier and where I’d last seen Alex perched on Lillie’s single bed. It was empty now. “I’ll go wash my hands,” I offered.

“People usually do that afterwards.”

“Well, I’ve got Oreo crumbs on me.” Not so sexy, Oreo crumbs.

When I returned Jed had stretched out on the bed. He was naked and the short, wide dildo I’d first encountered at his place a few weeks ago was beside him. I perched next to him, and then leaned over. We kissed. “Take off your shirt,” Jed said. I obeyed, keeping my eyes on him.

The room was empty but for the two of us, and I was relieved. As usual, I waited for Jed’s instructions. I like taking orders from him. Ahem.

He gestured to the bottle of lube, and I slid some all over my fingers. “Put a finger inside me,” Jed said after a minute.

I complied. I liked the slick, soft feeling of his innermost skin against my fingertips. Jed sighed, and I half smiled at his expression. Nothing else seems to get Jed as worked up as this. And even though I like it when he’s in control (over me), I like it when he’s out of control, too.

“Put another finger in,” Jed breathed. I fit my middle finger inside him, along with my index. He opened right up with no resistance at all. I liked that; how easily his body responded, how eager he was. I bent lower over him, stroking his ass with my skin.

“Put another one in,” he muttered, so I slipped my ring finger in this time. I went in slowly, so as to not stretch or hurt him, but it didn’t matter: he was wide open. His body was begging for it, just as women are supposed to be begging for it in the fantasy of fraternity brother speak. My breathing was getting a little shallow.

“More,” said Jed, so I fit my pinkie inside him, too. Sliding my hand in and out, I gazed at my fingers, astonished at what I was doing, and at the fact that the puckered dot of Jed’s anus could open up to fit all my fingers. Christ. I swallowed, and shifted a bit on the bed. I was getting wet.

“Put your whole hand in,” he urged. I looked at my wet hand doubtfully, but, after a moment, I slid my hand underneath him again and slowly inched my entire fist up his ass.

Holy smokes!

“Ahhhh!” groaned Jed.

My whole hand! I was fisting him! This was anal fisting! “Jesus Christ,” I gasped. “I’ve got my entire hand inside you.”

“Your hands are … really … tiny,” Jed breathed as he strained against me, arching and bucking. “Now the dildo.” I had almost forgotten about that in all the excitement. I slowly tugged my hand out, gazing at my sloppy wet fingers for a minute in wonder. It had been inside someone’s ass! But onwards: I squirted lube over Jed’s dildo, and then carefully turned it to face up, like he’d directed me the other week. As he squirmed on the bed, I fitted the dildo right inside him.

“Aaahh,” he said again. I crouched low over Jed’s torso, pushing the dildo up his ass, swinging my hand. “Oh, Lily…”

“Oh,” I murmured. “Oh, Jed, you’re doing great.” I slid the dildo back and forth, pushing it up Jed’s ass while he grunted. “You’re taking it like a champ,” I crooned. I have always, always wanted a chance to say this; to me it just sounds incredibly dirty and sexy. “Oh, you’re taking it really well, baby.” I slung my hips back and forth as I swung the dildo up his ass, slipping it out just a bit to hear him moan. Jed tugged on his dick. “Oh, Lily,” he said. “Fuck me, Lily. Fuck me.”

How I loved hearing him say my name. I bent lower, pushing my breasts towards him and rubbing the dildo more fiercely. “Oh, you’re doing so well,” I murmured. “That’s real nice.”

“Lily. Oh, Lily!” I watched smugly as with a shudder Jed came, a stream of semen spurting out onto his stomach. For a moment he lay still, his chest heaving.

Then I stood up and went into the bathroom, where I scrubbed my hands with Jefferson’s Vanilla Bean Noel hand soap from Bath & Body Works. When I got back to the bedroom, Jed was gone.

I pulled my shirt on, and back out in the hall I looked at my hands: I just had unprotected sex, didn’t I? Unprotected hand sex. Well, fisting. Ah: there was Jed.

“Heeeey,” he said, looking totally unconcerned, as usual.

I glanced down at my hands. “I should have worn gloves for that, right?” I don’t know why I was even asking, only he’d had experience with fisting (anal fisting! Wow) and I hadn’t.

Jed looked at me: “Give me your hands.” I placed my paws in his, and he held them up to the light.

“You’re fine,” he said after a minute. “You don’t have any scratches or anything, besides, I’m totally clean.”

I think he mean that he was free of disease; I already knew he was entirely clean, ass-wise. As Wendy had once asked me, “Do you think he spends all that time in the bathroom using an enema? That boy is immaculate.” (My guess: yes).

“OK,” I said, looking at my pink little hands, now smelling faintly of soap. “But if we do this again, we’re using gloves.”

And I trooped back to the living room, too tired to be worried about my bout of Unprotected Hand Sex. Alex had disappeared, as had Jefferson, and I really wanted to get moving before Jed suggested anything else I was likely to agree to. Though I’d fulfilled my directive to live somewhat dangerously and I felt smug, the apartment was hot and I was tired and hadn’t come and I was going home.


Wendy said...

Woah, I'm actually amazing you fisted with no gloves. I don't even put a finger up there with no gloves. Its one of my few ares's of uber paranoia. I still chew my cuticles sometimes, and I always have cuts on my fingers. Jed may be immaculate, but I just can't do it.

Anonymous said...

Who was this "Alex?"

Thanks, by the way. For saying all those nice things about me. I appreciate it.

greenlacewing said...

I giggled at "onwards." I love how he comes saying your name.