Tuesday, October 17, 2006


I haven't heard from Pete re: tomorrow night. When I went online last night, I signed on to Yahoo Messenger as invisible, cause I didn't think I could face another long conversation with him (um, that doesn't really bode well for our date, does it?). But there was no message from him either there or in my mailbox. He appeared to be offline as well. I kind of hope we're done. That would make things easier, despite being a play-by-play rehash of the spring rejection scenario.

On the other hand, I did IM with Daniel, who seems very nice indeed, and appears so far to be without noticeably obnoxious and overbearing tendencies. He lives right near me, too, which is nice. And he loves the novels of Terry Pratchett, so obviously we are well matched!

I'm supposed to meet Jason for a drink this evening, but on Friday I asked that we schedule something soon, and he never got back to me. Should I write him and suggest we firm up plans for tonight? Or just give him til noon and then scratch it? I'd prefer to do the latter, which makes me think I ought to do the former.

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