Thursday, October 19, 2006

Plans, plans

So. Despite my avowed hatred of Instant Messenger, I logged on last night, thinking I might chat with Daniel. He was online when I signed on. I made myself visible to him, and passive-aggressively waited to see if he would contact me. Which he eventually did.

Conversation flagged a bit after we completed the "what have you been up to ... do you remember this TV show?" continuum because, really, it's hard to find things to talk about via IM. Every time you get a new message, the pressure's on to write back, not to mention say something reasonably intelligent. But we persevered and eventually he asked me if I wanted to get together. So we're going out on Saturday night. Ha! Yet again, I am looking forward to a date. I feel that this will inevitably lead to disappointment, so I'm trying to expect the worst.

Oh, and I got an email from HR about the staff Christmas Party. If we were in London this would be a perfect chance for me to get drunk and hook up with Ken Smith. In London it's practically against the law to remain sober--or fully clothed-- at Christmas parties. So even if Ken Smith was not interested, he'd be too drunk to register a protest. Evil, eh? Mwahahahaha! But as Ken Smith must be at least 6'3" and over 200 pounds, and I weigh a little more than half that, he should be able to defend himself if I get too amorous. Not that I will actually have the nerve to try this. Of course, at this lame American Christmas party, we might not even have any alcohol. (God forbid). Plus I might not even be temping here at that point. But. OK. Should I still be temping here at Dor--Oops Industries, I will make it my business to be as alluring as possible, and to work on my body language and bag Ken Smith (how crass I sound! Hee!)

And I got an email from Jordan; we have tentative plans for early next week. He said he has to be home by 10 pm, and could we meet early in the evening? I said sure, but I'm wondering, does he mean meet early in the evening to have sex, or meet early in the evening to have a drink or something equally PG rated? Either way, I guess I'm game. I'm trying to imagine bringing him to my bedroom, past my roommates. I mean, he's a real adult, probably owns real estate and whatnot. I'm sure my lifestyle will seem juvenile. As indeed, it is.

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