Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Alejandro, bless him, has agreed! Am not love pariah (in the words of Bridget Jones).

I am relieved/happy but I didn't think that he would object on the basis of being involved. I guessed he was single, anyway. When we first met, on that awkward afternoon in the park when I asked him all sorts of excruciating questions (sample: "Have you ever slept with another man?" "Have you ever had an STD?") in order to gauge his sexual health on a not very substantial level, he revealed that he'd only ever slept with seven people. "Me too!" I said, thrilled that we had something in common.

Funny thing is, Alejandro was by far the most handsome of the men (also including J., Eddie and Roger) I slept with during my brief career as a round-heeled woman. And he's Brazilian... maybe the stereotype of the super sexy Brazilian only applies to women? Eddie (that's Eddie "I'm huge. Nine inches." Eddie) said he had slept with 16 women, which he added was a low number. I thought it was a good number, cause at the time I was up to six. But Roger was the winner, no question. On the night when we drunkenly rolled into his apartment and I took out my list of questions, courtesy of ivillage, he said he'd slept with about 22 women. He's my age. At this point I'd slept with eight men (including Eddie and Alejandro, numbers seven and eight). I thought 22 women showed him to be adventurous and, let's face it, luckier than me, but not a particularly high number.

Then, a few nights later Roger said, "Uh, I want to be honest with you. Remember when I told you I had slept with 22 women? Well, I kind of lowballed the number."

"Oh," I said. "So how many women have you slept with?"

"About 38," he said.

"Oh," I said. Thirty eight! "But you haven't injected any drugs or slept with a prostitute, have you?" I asked anxiously, thinking of my questions, and my health.

"Well, I've done heroin twice, but I only smoked it," he said.


Anyway. I'm going to have sex with Alejandro again. At last, this blog is picking up. I don't want to be a false advertiser, you know. I'm so excited.

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Hope you have fun!! :)